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I’ve created a webshop via bigcartel for some of my works.

Go check it out, spread the word, international tracked shipping.

More stuff is in the making <3


Ostblock (20)

The series Ostblock picks up on repetitive architectural microstructures of former socialist states behind the so called Iron Curtain. These structures still can be found throughout Eastern Germany and in many states of Eastern Europe. They were one of the very first impressions of art and design I had as a child. They constantly keep me fascinated at home and while traveling as they shaped my early perception of the world around me.

On one hand these styles fade away in a Western world that circles around West European and US American culture. At the same time they frequently leak-return into fashion as they are the relics of utopian concepts that don’t cease to exist.

While I keep coming back to paper every other year anyway, it is the perfect medium to start out on these ongoing explorations of symmetry and repetition.

All works: size between 60×40 cm and 70×50 cm – silhouette cut out, acrylic and spraypaint on paper and cardboard.


early studio works

paintings I made in my smaller studio 2014 – 18.

– all works mixed media on plywood, sizes between 60×50 and 110×90

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